Make your clinic your partner in health

Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes (PCPCH)  are clinics that recognize that you and your family are the most important members of your health care team.  The majority of our members are already participating in a primary care home, and may not even realize it. In a PCPCH, you and the clinic staff work together to improve your health.

Your primary care home will:

  • Better coordinate your care to help get you the services you need, when you need them
  • Listen to your concerns and answer your questions
  • Offer after-hours help and alternatives to the emergency room
  • Help you play an active role in your health 

What you can expect from your patient-centered primary care home

  • Care that is patient and family centered.
  • High quality care that is compassionate and respects the culture and traditions of the communities it serves.
  • Care that is coordinated to help you get the care you need in a safe and timely way.
  • Care that is comprehensive. You’ll received the care, information and services you need to improve your health and stay healthy.
  • Care that is continuous.Your primary care provider will know you and work with you to improve your health over time.
  • Care that is accessible. Care is available when you need it.

How to make sure you're getting the best possible care

Remember you are the center of your health care team.  Being an active member of the team is the best way to make sure you will receive the best health care possible. Be sure to include a trusted family member on your team.  The clinic staff wants you to speak up!

  • Your primary care provider can answer questions and help you better understand your health needs.
  • If you need to get help from other doctors or health care providers in the community, your primary care provider can support you every step of the way.
  • When you have concerns about your health, your health care team will work with you to decide the best way to deal with them.

Learn more about how the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program is transforming how health care is provided in Oregon on the Oregon Health Authority’s website.

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